CESK Data release notes 2018

Live Webinar: Launching the new CESK Data for high-quality estimates

The brand-new release of CESK Data offers you all knowledge you need to make high-quality estimates. CESK Data, the reliable source of cost data available, is now even more powerful with the new data enhancements your project control team needs.

  • Estimating the cost of rotating equipment with accuracy

    The advantage of developing cost models with parametric relations is that a reliable cost estimate can be obtained just based on the process conditions/variables. Any attempt to improve the models further based on a realistically applicable set of engineering variables will enhance their accuracy. However, there is a difference in approach when tackling the rotating equipment cost models compared to the static ones.

  • Engineered Cost Models vs Traditional Cost Models - What you need to know

    Engineered cost models are simply smarter. The applicable material properties are obtained based on the design standard chosen, and also there is a check if the chosen variables are realistically possible. This ensures that the cost models are sound from a design perspective as well.

  • CESK Data release notes 2018

    The quality of your cost estimates depends heavily on your cost data. Having a complete and well-structured dataset makes your life as a cost estimator much easier. CESK data offers you a vast array of information, used by companies worldwide. This year’s CESK release came with numerous updates and additions. 

  • Big Data: Uncovering its transformative potential in Project Controls

      Ever wondered how YouTube or Netflix manages to suggest videos and movies of your preferred style? Using big data! Big data analysis is considered the next big thing if it isn’t a big thing already. A great number of companies are already using it. So, the question is: Can you use big data to improve your project performance? Yes, you can!